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The Mitchell Report Revisited, Part XI

October 15, 2008 | By RotoRob | comment on this post

Believe it or not, we’re nearing the home stretch of our growing-to-legendary-proportions Mitchell Report retrospective. Want to read the first 10 parts? Of course you do! And you can find them here: Parts I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX and X.

Matt Herges

Herges, a teammate of Paul Lo Duca’s with the Dodgers between 1999 and 2001, called up Kirk Radomski and said he had gotten his number from Lo Duca, according to Radomski. Radomski said there were two or three sales of HGH to Herges, starting in 2004 and finishing in 2005. Herges called up Radomski one more time, when Radomski was cooperating with the feds, and asked for more, but Radomski told him he was dry, and there was never any more contact between the pair. There is one cheque from Herges to Radomski, plus an undated shipping receipt, reproduced in the Appendix of the report. Herges declined the chance to talk to George Mitchell about this. Herges’ best season was in 2003, split between the pens of San Diego and San Francisco, when he went 3-2 with three saves, nine holds and an ERA of 2.62 in 79 IP. He had a disappointing season with Colorado in 2008, and was recently bought out of his contract, so will have to hit the pavement and look for work next season.

Gary Bennett, Jr.

According to Radomski, he was referred to Bennett by Denny Neagle, Bennett’s teammate in Colorado in 2001 and 2002. He says he sold Bennett two kits of HGH in July 2003, and a copy of a cheque from Bennett to Radomski is reproduced for posterity in the Appendix of the report. Additionally, Bennett’s contact info was found in Radomki’s little black book. Bennett declined a chance to set the record straight. His best season came in 2000 with the Phils, when he recorded a 763 OPS in 31 games and 74 at bats. This past season, he spent most of the year on the DL with plantar fasciitis, but also battled the throwing yips when trying to get the ball back to the pitcher’s mound. Hmmm…don’t they have any drugs to fix that kind of thing?

Jim Parque

Radomski drew a blank as far as who hooked him up with Parque but does remember selling him two kits of HGH. At one point, Radomski says he was sent a bottle of Winstrol from Parque, who wanted him to check it out. Radomski says it wasn’t up to snuff, so he ditched it. There are two cheques from Parque to Radomski reproduced in the Appendix, and his contact information was found in Radomski’s address book. Parque didn’t respond to Mitchell’s interview request. His best season was in 2000 for the ChiSox, when he went 13-6 with a 4.28 ERA and 111 Ks in 187 IP. In parts of six big league seasons, Parque went 31-34 with an ERA of almost five and a half in 544 1/3 IP. His last big league appearance was in 2003, but he last pitched professionally in 2007 in Triple-A.

Brendan Donnelly

Donnelly, a 2003 All-Star, was connected to Radomski by Adam Riggs, his teammate on the Halos in 2003 and 2004. Radomski said Donnelly called him in 2004, looking to score some Anavar. Radomski hooked him up with Deca-Durabolin once. Apparently, when the Red Sox dealt for him, some in the organization had concerns that Donnelly was a juicer. At any rate, he declined to meet with Mitchell. Donnelly’s best year came in 2003, when he struck out 79 in 74 IP with 29 holds and an ERA of 1.58. This season, he pitched well in Triple-A, but was shelled in his 15 big league games with the Indians.

Chad Allen

Allen, who was helping the feds with their investigation, was among the more cooperative players who talked to Mitchell for the report. He told him that HGH was the choice of most players because it was undetectable. In fact, he said he believed MLB would always be playing catch up because “there’s always someone ahead of the curve who knows that he will make a quick buck.” Allen’s disclosures to Mitchell were made in the presence of federal prosecutors and law enforcement agents who told him he could face prosecution if he made false statements, so the pressure was on to be straight. According to Radomski, he was referred to Allen by Chris Donnels. He says he sold Allen Winstrol, testosterone and Deca-Durabolin about three to five times, but that Allen couldn’t afford HGH. Allen confirmed these purchases, but said they only occurred during the 2003 offseason. One of the cheques he gave to Radomski is reproduced in the Appendix. Allen was also instrumental in providing information to Mitchell about Gary Matthews, Jr. Allen’s best season was in 2001 with the Twins when he hit four homers with 19 RBI in 175 at bats. In 851 career at bats, he had 14 homers, 15 steals, a .269 BA and an OPS of 710. He last played in the majors in 2005, and after spending 2006 at Triple-A, he spent a season in Japan, but has not played professionally since.

Jeff Williams

According to Radomski, he sold Anavar and Dianabol to Williams, and a copy of a cheque Williams sent to him is reproduced in the Appendix. Additionally, Williams’s contact info was found in Radomski’s little black book. Williams never responded to a request to be interviewed by Mitchell. His best season was his first, in 1999, when he went 2-0, 4.08 in five games. He spent four years in the bigs, going 4-1, 7.49 over four starts and 33 relief appearances. Williams then headed over to Japan and has been closing games there since, although he did have shoulder problems this season.

Howie Clark

Radomski says he was hooked up with Clark by Larry Bigbie. Apparently, Clark made several calls to Radomski before he purchased anything, but ultimately he made about four or five buys of HGH. Two money orders from Clark to Radomski are in the report’s Appendix. Clark, like most, declined to be interviewed for the report. His best season came in 2003 when he recorded an OPS of 829 in 70 at bats for the Jays. In 2008, Clark appeared in just four games for the Twins before they DFAed him at the end of May.

Next up, we’ll look at Nook Logan, Scott Schoeneweis, David Bell and others.

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