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Podcast: Delmon Young’s Diet

January 25, 2013 | By RotoRob | comment on this post
Justin Upton is heading to the Atlanta Braves.
Justin Upton will now be bashing for the Braves with his brother B.J.

Another week, another freaking technical nightmare. Argh! It’s almost purple pants time as Blogtalkradio has apparently changed the way you access the show, causing us untold issues as we try to launch RotoRob’s Fantasy Baseball Weekly Podcast, heard every Thursday at 9 p.m. EST.

We finally did kick off the show after the complete version of Shaun Mulrain’s “Rock Was Meant to Roll,” followed by about nine minutes of silence (please skip forward to the 12:45 mark to hear the real start of the show). Our apologies. We’re going to do our best to try to address these technical issues before next week’s show. It’s embarrassing and you deserve better.

Okay, so once we finally got our shit together, we discusses (among other things):

  • Tim expresses his frustration over the technical issues — even gummy bears won’t placate the beast.
  • Breaking down the Delmon Young signing in Philly — can he keep off enough weight to play the outfield every day?
  • Jamey Wright joins his 10th team as his career finally winds down.
  • Stan Musial passed away this week and we each offer our thoughts on the all-time great.
  • We also remember Earl Weaver, the former Oriole manager that also left us this week.
  • We fondly remember Nyjer Morgan’s take-out slides as he takes his Tony Plush persona to Japan.
  • Gauging the market for Jason Kubel, as we speculate on whether Arizona still has to deal another outfielder.

Listen to the show in its entirety by clicking play below — just remember to skip forward to around the 12:45 mark to get it going.


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