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Podcast: What’s Wrong with the Celtics?

January 24, 2010 | By RotoRob | comment on this post
Rasheed Wallace is still whining now that he's with the Boston Celtics.
Boston’s Rasheed Wallace still can’t keep his pie hole shut.

On Saturday afternoon, I was once again a guest on the Alex Reimer show, only this time the wunderkind finally figured out that I could blather on about basketball just as well — if not better — than I can about baseball. Topics we covered included:

  • What in the hell is wrong with the Celtics? Are they too old and beat up to compete for another NBA title?
  • Is Shaquille O’Neal fitting in on the Cavs and how is the Eastern Conference race looking?
  • Over in the West, are the Lakers going to run away with things again or should we be keeping an eye on some other teams?
  • What’s up with the current wave of NBA referee bashing? Is there merit there, or is this a league filled with whiney beyotches like Rasheed Wallace?

As usual, Alex lobbed his series of endless questions that weren’t really questions at me, and I did my best to return his fire. Click play below to check out the interview; I come on around the 39 minute mark.


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