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WIND Best Convo Contest Update

April 23, 2011 | by RotoRob | Comments Comments Off on WIND Best Convo Contest Update
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We still don’t know who’s won WIND’s Best Convo Contest, but it’s pretty clear who the dude on the right would vote for.

While the judging component of WIND Mobile’s Best Conversation Ever contest (of which we acted as a blogging partner and judge) is over, the reason there’s been radio silence for several weeks is that behind the scenes hamster wheels are grinding away, as WIND tries to get the celebrities that the winning entries wanted to chat with to participate.
Well, that part of the process can be challenging, so while they work through that (am I assured that they are working very hard at it), we thought we’d take the opportunity to provide you with some hints about who the winners are.

So without further ado, here are some hints about each winning entry (and if you can figure out the winner based on these, we congratulate you for being all over this contest like white on rice):

Winner No. 1

Hint: How do you find inspiration? Hopefully one of our winners will find it in their best convo!
Hint: We’re curious to find out the direction one best conversation will take! If only we could listen in.

Winner No. 2

Hint: Let’s hope the conversation isn’t all business with this industry leader for one of our Best Convo winners.
Hint: We wonder if being from the same province make this winner’s conversation even better?

Winner No. 3

Hint: Would your best convo be with a professional athlete? It is for one of our winners!
Hint: Will this winner’s conversation give them a message to share? We hope so.

Winner No. 4

HINT: What does it really take to be successful in professional sports? We have our fingers crossed that one winner will find out!
HINT: Hopefully one winner will be able to tell us whether hearing about their hero’s life journey will influence their own.

Winner No. 5

HINT: Does everyone have as much to say in a conversation as they have to say in print? One of our winners hopes so!
HINT: We hope one winner with learn how to live life to its fullest in their best conversation ever.

So there you go. Stayed tuned for announcements about the winners soon(ish).

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