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RotoWidow: Is There a Place for Loyalty in Fantasy?

August 6, 2006 | by RotoWidow | Comments Comments Off on RotoWidow: Is There a Place for Loyalty in Fantasy?

RotoWidow From the RotoWidow files

I think I finally understand the moral dilemma that faces Fantasy managers at some time in their roto career. A couple of years ago I wondered what was up when RotoRob was struggling with the decision to trade Andruw Jones. The trade would definitely help his team win, but RotoRob had picked Jones right from the get-go, back in the day when he first formed his Fantasy team. There was some pride in that and loyalty to a player that — while the “manager” will never actually manage or even meet him — had provided nothing but season after season of payoffs in the pool.

I thought, what’s the big deal? If it means you’ll win (and that’s why you’re playing this strange game) trade him!

Well, this past week when my beloved Jason Varitek underwent surgery on his knee I was devastated — not only for the Red Sox but also because my favourite player was out. Then, in barely the blink of an eye, the Red Sox obtained Javy Lopez. Oh my God! My two favourite players are on the same team?!? And both just happen to be catchers… well, now what? Do I hope for a speedy recovery so that Varitek can come back as the true leader of the team or do I enjoy every minute of Javy catching for my team with the addition of his bat to an already strong offensive lineup? Dilemma, dilemma.

So, I see, it’s not always that easy to listen to the numbers and be a cold-hearted stats man. Even in Roto, the head doesn’t rule all.

RotoRob did end up trading Jones and won the league championship. But whenever we watch the Braves, he can’t help cheer for his pick.

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