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2012-13 RotoRob NBA Draft Kit: Centre Rankings

October 30, 2012 | By RotoRob | comment on this post
Andrew Bynum will try to take the Philadelphia 76ers to the next level.
Andrew Bynum is the new number one option in Philly.

We wrap up the 2012-13 RotoRob NBA Draft Kit today with our final cheat sheet. So while you wonder whether James Harden can help turn the Rockets around, let’s take a look at the top 40 centres in Fantasy basketball.

Just like the Power Forward slot, Centre is deep this season. Obviously, you’re looking for boards, blocks and FG percentage here and – ideally – someone who doesn’t bring your FT numbers down too far. Keep that in mind if you wind up with Dwight Howard – either surround him with high percentage shooters or just screw the cat altogether. There are plenty of stud vets like Big Al, Andrew Bynum and Superman, next wave stars like DeMarcus Cousins and Greg Monroe and potential stars in the making (Anthony Davis, Nikola Pekovic and Jonas Valaniciunas) to choose from.

Last year’s rankings are in parentheses.

1. Al Jefferson, Utah Jazz (3): Is there a better low post player in the game?

2. Andrew Bynum, Philadelphia 76ers (9): Bynum can turn the 76ers in a team to fear in the East.

3. Dwight Howard, Los Angeles Lakers (1): Howard is the key addition to a revamped Laker squad.

4. DeMarcus Cousins, Sacramento Kings (14): The third-year big man has mad across the board skills.

5. Marc Gasol, Memphis Grizzlies (10): Can the All-Star centre help Memphis take the next step in the playoffs this season?

6. Al Horford, Atlanta Hawks (2): Horford is coming off a pectoral injury that cost him most of 2011-12.

7. Greg Monroe, Detroit Pistons (11): Monroe added six points per game to his stat line last season, with more to come.

8. Marcin Gortat, Phoenix Suns (6): Gortat is the key holdover remaining in the post-Steve Nash era in Phoenix.

9. Chris Bosh, Miami Heat (9 at PF): People clued in to how important Bosh is to Miami when the Heat struggled after he got hurt.

10. Roy Hibbert, Indiana Pacers (16): The addition of David West gave Hibbert more room to do his thang down low.

11. Joakim Noah, Chicago Bulls (7): The absence of Derrick Rose for the first half of the season opens the door for more opportunities for Noah to bounce back offensively.

12. Kevin Garnett, Boston Celtics (15 at PF): Garnett re-upped with the Celtics for a final push for another title.

13. Tyson Chandler, New York Knicks (15): Chandler’s knee woe is not serious, but he could be a tad rusty to start the season.

14. Anthony Davis, New Orleans Hornets: The No. 1 pick in this year’s draft is poised to make noise.

15. JaVale McGee, Denver Nuggets (12): The Nuggets gave him a huge deal; now let’s see if McGee can live up to it off the bench (at least to start the season).

16. Brook Lopez, Brooklyn Nets (19): Lopez’s ability to bounce back – and become a better rebounder – is central to the Nets’ chances of making progress in the East.

17. Anderson Varejao, Cleveland Cavaliers (21): The Cavs crumbled after Varejao hurt his wrist last season.

18. Nikola Pekovic, Minnesota Timberwolves (NR): This is one tough big man who is only going to get better.

19. Andrew Bogut, Golden State Warriors (8): Bogut is questionable to start the season on time because of his ankle.

20. Chris Kaman, Dallas Mavericks (22): Kaman will team with Elton Brand for a Clipper reunion tour in Big D.

21. Samuel Dalembert, Milwaukee Bucks (20): Dalembert’s shot blocking should help turn around a lousy Buck defence.

22. DeAndre Jordan, Los Angeles Clippers (17): Jordan made huge strides at the line last season, but there’s tons of room for improvement.

23. Jonas Valanciunas, Toronto Raptors (NR): Don’t sleep on this kid; he’s shown he’s a quick study.

24. Emeka Okafor, Washington Wizards (18): The durable Okafor is one of the game’s hardest workers.

25. Marcus Camby, New York Knicks (23): He’s 38 and his body acts the part.

Others to Consider

26. Zaza Pachulia, Atlanta Hawks (NR)
27. Tiago Splitter, San Antonio Spurs (NR)
28. Brendan Haywood, Charlotte Bobcats (33)
29. Byron Mullens, Charlotte Bobcats (NR)
30. Omer Asik, Houston Rockets (NR)
31. Kendrick Perkins, Oklahoma City Thunder (26)
32. Greg Stiemsma, Minnesota Timberwolves (NR)
33. Kosta Koufos, Denver Nuggets (NR)
34. Ian Mahinmi, Indiana Pacers (NR)
35. Josh Harrellson, Miami Heat (NR)
36. Timofey Mozgov, Denver Nuggets (35)
37. Meyers Leonard, Portland Trail Blazers (NR)
38. Nikola Vucevic, Orlando Magic (NR)
39. Ekpe Udoh, Milwaukee Bucks (30)
40. Tyler Zeller, Cleveland Cavaliers (NR)

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