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Dear RotoRob: Fantasy Football Drafting Order Help

September 1, 2010 | By Herija Green | comment on this post
Antonio Gates is poised for another big season for the San Diego Chargers.
Antonio Gates is a great candidate for a receiver/QB combo, but don’t pick him too early.

Dear RotoRob,

Thanks for the help last week about my draft order…you are always a great source for Fantasy knowledge. I will be taking Chris Johnson or Adrian Peterson with my No. 2 pick and will try for a
QB/WR combo with my second and third picks…how do you rank the top five combos?

Assuming all are available to me (which of course they won’t be), which pair overall gets me the most yards, TD and receptions?


Hi Eddie,

I’ve long been strongly against the QB/WR combo simply because it puts so much dependence on one team, and if one gets hurt you could have two areas suffer (not to mention Bye week issues). Plus, the top two QBs (Aaron Rodgers/Drew Brees) are excellent at spreading the ball around. I could see Peyton Manning/Reggie Wayne or maybe Tom Brady/Randy Moss if they lasted, but that’d be about it. It’s too early for Philip Rivers/Antonio Gates and Andre Johnson will be long gone to pair with Matt Schaub. I’d be more inclined to grab a second RB and then either a QB or WR based on the board.

Dear RotoRob,

I am drafting last in a 12-team, keeper league with very traditional stat points (6 td, 100 yardds per RB and WR, 300 yards for QB, standard for defenses and kickers). What do I do at No, 12, then 13 (coming back up)?

Thanks for any assistance.


Hi Larry,

It’s always harder to find quality running backs, so I’d be very tempted to go back-to-back RBs, especially at the turn. Sure, you’ll miss out on the top QBs (Rodgers, Brees, Manning) and WRs (Johnson, Moss, Larry Fitzgerald), but it’s easier to find guys at those positions later in drafts. If you only nab one RB and another 20-plus picks go off the board before you draft again you could find yourself stuck with a shaky No. 2 back.

In a keeper format, I’d be doing flips if I could land Ryan Mathews or Rashard Mendenhall at the turn. If they’re gone you may need to reach a little for someone like LeSean McCoy or Beanie Wells because there is no way they should make it back to you at the 3/4 turn.

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