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Dear RotoRob: Pitching Panic

April 14, 2010 | By Tim McLeod | comment on this post
Kevin Slowey looked fairly sharp in his season debut for the Minnesota Twins.
Kevin Slowey makes for a decent No. 3 Fantasy starter.

Dear RotoRob,

I had my draft and got the 14th pick (14-man, 5×5 redraft roto).
I am not happy with my pitchers. Tim Lincecum, in my opinion, slid too far so I got him at 15, but the rest of my starters have tons of questions marks. Should I worry and start slinging trades around or play a wait and see?
We start nine (any combo) of pitchers. These are my only starter (the CBS rankings make it so most pitchers were getting taken way too early):
Tim Lincecum
Chad Billingsley
Kevin Slowey
Ervin Santana
Kevin Correia
Gio Gonzalez
Mike Leake


Hi Michael,

I think your pitching has potential. Lincecum goes a long ways in making up for some of the other question marks. I am assuming your offense is loaded and ready to rock? Billingsley and Slowey are solid options and Santana had a good spring and taking time off this winter has to help that wonky elbow. Correia had a good 2009 and should be serviceable and the upside potential out of both Gonzalez and Leake is there.

Not a bad start and the teams that went early on starting pitching have to be hurting on offense. Each and every year there are a slew of starters that come out of nowhere to be solid contributors, so I’d sit tight for now and play the wire. Personally, being an old NPB guy (accent on old) I’ve invested heavily in Colby Lewis. Just curious, Michael, but how many relief pitchers are you starting? With your top three or four starters, you could rotate some high K relievers into the mix and then sort it out as we get to see some more performances from the 3-4-5 guys. I’d definitely take a deep breath and sit back and see how things unfold. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint and we have a long, long season ahead of us.

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