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Dear RotoRob: Will Chase Cut It?

August 25, 2007 | By James Morris | comment on this post
Chicago Cubs second baseman Ryan Theriot is looking like someone to keep for the rest of the season.
Ryan Theriot over Chase Utley? For the rest of the year, it may be the way to go. (AP/Nam Y. Huh)

Editor’s Note: James is still on the DL, so we wish him a speedy recovery and ask that readers with questions pending be patient.


It’s been a long time since our last question. This is kind of a keeper league question. I have Chase Utley on the DL while Ryan Theriot is hitting like a man right now and really scoring for me while Utley is out. Now, Utley will be back soon and I was wondering, should I stick with Theriot because he is hot and Utley might not come back at full strength and could possibly hurt my chances?

I am in third right now. I will have to decide to either keep Theriot or Utley from here on out.

Now, what I mean for the keeper part is I have five guys vying for my keeper league status. We can only keep three guys for next year. My choices are: A-Rod (I couldn’t get any good offers for him, so I still have him), Hanley Ramirez, Victor Martinez, Utley and Ryan Braun. Since I can’t keep two at one position I guess I was thinking A-Rod, Ramirez and Martinez, mostly because of scarcity at their positions.

Last year, I kept A-Rod, Utley and Martinez. I am worried about Utley coming back with pop in his bat kind of like Derrek Lee losing his power after a similiar injury.

So my question is, do I drop Utley when he comes back, thinking that I probably wouldn’t keep him next year, or not? I am really wavering on this one.

Thanks for your help.



No worries about the time; I am retired and have plenty of it.

If I told you to drop Utley, I would be kicked out of the RotoRob family. I do agree that Theriot is hot right now, but Utley was pretty hot himself before the injury. Now, that being said, I do not think that you will get a whole lot out of Utley when he does return. You are looking at him coming back near the end of August and giving you a month of playing time. I doubt he will truly be “ready” when he does hit the big league roster.

So, I would stick with Theriot right now. Utley is a monster, but he will not do better over the final month of the season as other second basemen will.

You have to keep V-Mart at C, and A-Rod at 3B. Shortstop is as thin as C or 3B, so Ramirez is a fine choice there as well. I’d hate to cut Utley or Braun, but in this case I think I would. If I get your team into the top three this season, do I get a Christmas card or a Nintendo Wii?

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