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Dear RotoRob: Dealing for Deron

February 18, 2007 | By RotoRob | comment on this post
Utah Jazz point guard Deron Williams has been worth celebrating this year.
Deron Williams has been cause for celebration by many an owner this year, but even with Odom coming along for the ride, is he worth giving up Billups and Childress for?

Dear RotoRob,

Thanks for advice on the last deal you gave me regarding the Luol Deng/Lamar Odom trade.

What do you think about this deal? I was offered two trades:

1. Deron Williams and Odom for Chauncey Billups and Josh Childress.
2. Kirk Hinrich and Odom for Billups and Childress.

Do you like any of these offers? And which one do you like more for the long run? I need help in FT%, 3PM and steals.



Hi Gary,

Both deals offer you good value, but if you’re strictly focusing on those three cats, I’d steer away from Option 1. Option 2, with Hinrich in the mix, is closer, but you may still be better off with what you have.

My advice would be to make the second deal and then flip Odom when he starts to heat up for someone who can help you in the areas you need (Mo Williams perhaps?).

Dear RotoRob,

My first fantasy b-ball year and I’m loving Rotoworld and your site! I’m looking to shake things up a little with an eye towards the playoffs – specifically to shift the roster towards players with good playoff scheds… a little opined assistance, please?

It’s a standard Yahoo league (PG, SG, G, SF, PF, F, C, C, Util, Util, Bn, Bn, Bn) ‘ 16 teams and I’m in fifth.

Lineup: Gilbert Arenas, Raja Bell, Delonte West, Kevin Martin, Randy Foye, Steve Blake, Trenton Hassell, Danny Granger, Shane Battier, Carlos Boozer, Boris Diaw, Samuel Dalembert, Reggie Evans.

Eyeing the schedules, I’ve just sent out a trade offer for Chris Wilcox and Mike Bibby for Diaw and Bell. And I intend to dangle Dalembert ASAP. In addition, I would like to deal Battier in a few weeks. Any thoughts or ideas on who to target (or if my offer is decent)? I’m trying to think of guys like Caron Butler, Chauncey Billups, Brad Miller, Brendan Haywood, Emeka Okafor, Raymond Felton, Jermaine O’Neal, Marcus Camby (heck, Kevin Garnett?!), etc.

And in reading some opinions and scanning the waiver wire, I wonder if guys like: Primoz Brezec, Etan Thomas or P.J. Brown (but, not a great schedule) would be worth the pickup at the expense of Evans? With Boozer out, I do need some additional RBs. I was in dire need of assists and steals previously, but Delonte turned things around and I picked up Blake, so it looks better.

And FYI, I’ve tried to “sell high” on Martin at times, but haven’t had any takers and at this point, I have no need to deal him.


Burlington, Ont.

Hi Mac,

Welcome to the wonderful world of fantasy basketball! Glad you’ve been enjoying the site…feel free to tell all your sports loving friends!

I like this deal for you, especially if the schedules are favourable for Seattle and Sacramento over Phoenix. With rebounding being your chief need, getting Wilcox in this trade is great, especially since his recent play puts the deal over the edge for you.

Dumping Evans for Brown is your best bet. PJ seems like a decent pickup who will get your boards plus do some scoring for you.

Brezec is too frail and Thomas is too volatile.

Dear RotoRob,

I’m a big fan of your articles on Rotoworld.

I need some immediate trade help

Here is my team: G- Kirk Hinrich, Kevin Martin, Gerald Wallace, Manu Ginobili; F- Shawn Marion, Elton Brand, Danny Granger, Andrei Kirilenko, Kyle Korver; C- Eddy Curry, Chris Wilcox, Chris Kaman, Troy Murphy.

Luckily I have several guys eligible at centre.

The trade I have been tossing around is Curry for Rashard Lewis.

Points are as follows: 2pt, 3pt, assists, blocks, double-doubles, free throws made, steals, triple doubles, turnovers, total rebounds.

Starting Lineup: 3 G, 3 F, 2 C.

Please let me know if this is a good trade. It seems like a great fit to me, but I’d love some insight.



Hi Eric,

Thanks for the support, man.

I sure hope you made that deal, because that’s as close to a slam dunk as you’ll find. Given the categories in your league, this deal is totally money for you. Curry only provides a sledge edge in FTM and rebounds, but Lewis owns him in everything else.

Do this deal immediately.

Dear RotoRob,

Rob I need an expert opinion. Rasheed Wallace and Andrew Bogut have been pretty inconsistent; should I consider dropping one of them for Charlie V.? (I’m in a 10-cat league.)

Thanks, Rob.

San Diego

Hi Derrick,

Sorry about those Chargers, man. As a lifelong fan of the Bolts, I feel your pain.

With ‘Sheed picking up his game lately, you obviously want to hang on to him. I’d also prefer Bogut for the long haul, but swapping him out for Charlie V is closer, assuming Villanueva will be ready to return right after the break. However, there’s no indication that will happen, so I’d keep Charlie V at arm’s length right now.

Dear RotoRob,

Long time reader, first time caller here. I’m in need of some basketball advice.’I was thinking about proposing AK for Mike Miller straight up, figuring AK is in a slump and Miller is playing amazingly.’I currently have Michael Redd and Rashard Lewis hurting and in need of some threes.’Do you think this is a good move for me?

Thank you.


Hi Andy,

Welcome to the Show, man!

For a first question, this sure is an easy call. In fact, it’s a slam dunk. I have no idea what’s wrong with AK-47 this year. I know he’s had a couple of nagging injuries, but so what? He always seems to have some and this is not what people were expected when they grabbed him as high as in the first round.

Miller, meanwhile, has been out of his mind, and doesn’t really seem to be slowing down much.

If the other owner is still tripping on mescaline, make this deal regardless of your needs. You can always flip Miller for other things that will help you.

Dear RotoRob,

I just have one question for you. Who will have more value the rest of this season, Marquis Daniels or Quentin Richardson?




That’s a fairly easy call. You’ve got to go with Q-Rich. Daniels is finally waking up a bit, but he’s looked absolutely lost in Indy. I just don’t have much faith in his ability to be of any prolonged use. Meanwhile, Q-Rich may be inconsistent, but when he heats up, he’ll put up numbers Daniels can only dream about.

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