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Dear RotoRob: Livingston, I Presume?

February 4, 2007 | By RotoRob | comment on this post
Is Los Angeles Clippers' point guard Shaun Livingston worth hanging onto?
Should Shaun Livingston be dumped in favour of Randy Foye or Marquis Daniels?

Dear RotoRob,

I have one fantasy question for you as I try to set my team up for the stretch run here.

My current standings look like this (10-team, eight-cat rotisserie): Points, 4th place, Rebounds 3rd place, Assists, 4th place, Steals, 4th place, Blocks, 3rd place, FG%, 10th place, FT%, 10th place, 3PM, 4th place.

My current roster is as follows: Chris Paul (PG), Jameer Nelson (PG), Shaun Livingston (PG), Raymond Felton (PG, SG), Brandon Roy (PG, SG), J.R. Smith (SG), Bonzi Wells (SG), Quentin Richardson (SG, SF), Josh Howard (SG, SF), Antawn Jamison (SF, PF), Andrea Bargnani (SF,PF), Chris Bosh (PF, C), Emeka Okafor (PF, C) and Al Jefferson (PF, C).

I am comfortable with everyone on my team except for Livingston and Wells. Randy Foye and Marquis Daniels are on my waiver wire. Would either of them be worth a’pick up to replace either Livingston or Wells?

Thanks for your insight.’



In looking at your strengths and weaknesses, you could make a case for dumping Livingston for Daniels. Livingston just seems a bit lost right now, while Daniels is picking it up, especially in the FG department, which is one of your main needs.

As for Wells, his shooting has also improved lately and having a guard who will get blocks sure is nice, but I would much prefer to have Foye over him for the rest of the season, especially given the rookie’s recent run of 3-point shooting.

Bottom line: Foye for Wells is a good move; Daniels for Livingston is a wash at best, so only make the change if you’re sure.

Dear RotoRob,

So here is another trade that has been sent to me a couple of times and I have rejected it, but I’m starting to think that I should go ahead on it. I would be giving up Marcus Camby for Kobe Bryant. Yeah, I know’it’s Kobe. I shouldn’t even think about it, but Camby is playing like such a stud. I mean he is the best fantasy centre out there. I am way ahead in rebounds and blocks and I could use Bryant’s scoring and 3-pointers, but I’m just a little afraid that with the return of Lamar Odom, a great not superstar Kobe stat line will go down a little. I think I should because if nothing else Kobe is a great trade piece to have, considering the guys in my league go by what their names are versus what stats they actually put up. Am I being stupid not trading for Kobe? And I am asking for Deron Williams for Yao Ming; am I asking too much for Yao?

Thanks once again, Rob.



On man…if you’re way ahead in blocks and boards, why are you thinking about this? The scoring and FT shooting boost will be huge from Kobe. Make the deal.

Yes, Camby’s been a stud lately, but we also know about his propensity to get injured. Close this trade now.

As for Yao for Williams, tough call. If the team dealing Williams is very strong in assists, this may not be a bad deal. All you can do is ask. If you have to settle for less, then you can evaluate it from there.

Dear RotoRob,

I’ve been an avid reader of yours on all year, and I finally had my first trade offer of the basketball season that is worth seeking outside consideration. I’m currently sitting five games behind first in my H2H league, with a solid squad. I’ve been trying to get Chris Paul all year, and his owner finally offered me a decent trade, but I’m still riding the fence.

Give: Josh Howard and Kevin Martin
Receive: Chris Paul and Manu Ginobli

The Paul for Howard is a no-brainer in my opinion. Even with Paul’s injury, he’s just too good to pass up. Plus, I’m really short in point guards sporting Gilbert Arenas and Charlie Bell as my only two options. As for Manu for Martin, the Spurs have a horrendous upcoming schedule, including this week, and worst off, he’s now coming off the bench in relief of Barry. Manu did put up more than 20 two nights ago, but it’s still a worry. Martin’s spark has worn off for my tastes and I’d move him, but is it worth it for Ginobili?


Hi Brad,

Thanks for the support, man!

I’m not sold on this trade for you. On the one hand, buying low on Paul makes sense, but this may be too risky a trade. It hurts your 3s and scoring and your FT percentage will take a bit of a hit, too. The fact that Paul looked rusty isn’t a huge shock, but Ginobili’s weak shooting lately has me more concerned.

I’d make this deal if a long-term boost in steals and assists would seal a title for me, but otherwise, I’m reticent about surrendering Howard and Martin.

Dear RotoRob,

I just wanted to know your take on Josh Childress. I picked him up his first game back after the injury and he definitely has been a solid contributor. He has also had some nights of inconsistency. Overall, I like him because he doesn’t hurt my team, but only helps in categories like FT%, steals, FG% and boards.

Should I keep him for the long run or should I get rid of him now and If I would get rid of him am I selling him high or low today? Or is he a player worth dropping to free agency for a free agent pickup’the following are some that are available: Mike James, Steven Hunter, Brent Barry, Rasual Butler, Anthony Parker, Smush Parker, Ryan Gomes, Marvin Williams.



Hi Georgy,

I’m a very big fan of Childress…have been since his Stanford days. Although he isn’t quite yet performing at the levels he was earlier this season, I got a chance to watch the Hawks game Friday and he was perhaps their best player beyond Joe Johnson. I’d suggest if you are dealing him, you’re selling low at this point. In my estimation, Childress is worth hanging onto as I believe he’ll emerge as a serious candidate for the Sixth Man Award.

Of the players you mentioned that are currently available. The only ones I would consider dropping Childress for are Smush, Gomes and Williams, but only based on their recent play. Smush is too undependable over the long haul; Gomes will be hurt by Paul Pierce’s return and Marvin is one I do like, but still not as much as Childress.

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