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Podcast: Todd Helton to the Red Sox?

January 29, 2007 | By RotoRob | comment on this post
Could Colorado Rockies first baseman Todd Helton be on his way to Boston?
Todd Helton to the Bosox? It could happen.

Yesterday afternoon I appeared on Alex Reimer’s Without a Curse show on Alex interviewed me about a variety of Red Sox-related issues including reports that Todd Helton may be headed to Beantown in a trade.

We also talked about how good a fit Wily Mo Pena is as the fourth outfielder, what Boston will do if Dustin Pedroia can’t cut the mustard at second base, and how the Bosox bullpen will shake out this season.

It was a lively discussion covering a lot of ground and hopefully we didn’t piss the kid off to the extent that we’re not asked back! You can check out the entire podcast here.

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5 Responses to “Podcast: Todd Helton to the Red Sox?”

  1. James Morris says:

    It has been reported that the Rockies walked away from trade talks because they couldn’t get a good enough prospect to justify the money they would still have to pay Helton.

    This works out better for them anyway as Helton is a fan favorite in Denver, is a stud in the OBP department, and Boston would just hate to see what type of power he really has outside of Coors Field (.473 SLG away from Coors averaged over the last 3 years).

  2. RotoRob says:

    I heard that too this morning. I can’t say I’m upset. As I mentioned in the podcast, this is not a deal that thrills me as a Bosox fan.

  3. […] If you recall from the podcast I participated in earlier this week, the Bosox closer situation is wide open since the team wisely decided that Jonathon Papelbon would be better served as a starter. I decided this question deserved closer scrutinity in this week’s Offseason Lowdown. […]

  4. […] We actually talked about Cox briefly in the Podcast, but honestly, I don’t expect to see him on the team until mid-season. Let’s hope the Bosox have straightened out this situation by then! […]

  5. […] So far, so good for Dustin Pedroia in his attempts to prove he can hit his way out of a paper bag. In yesterday’s Grapefruit League debut, the scrappy second sacker was 1-for-2 with two runs and a walk. As I discussed in the Bosox Podcast at the end of January, I think Pedroia will get the job done. A fantasy stud he won’t be, but if your league is deep enough, he’ll have value on the basis of the number of at-bats he’ll garner this season. […]