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Dear RotoRob: Go for Mo or Break for Blake

January 28, 2007 | By RotoRob | comment on this post
Milwaukee Bucks point guard Mo Williams will return from injury soon.
Mo Williams has had to fight his way through injuries this year, but if you hang on just a bit, he will reward you in the second half.

Dear RotoRob,

Mo Williams, Steve Blake, Sam-I-Am, Jameer Nelson and Luke Ridnour ‘ who would you rather have?


Hey Douglas,

If you want to ride the hot hand here, go for Blake. Your best long-term bet is Williams.

By the way, is that Sam Cassell you mean? I just realized at first I thought it was Samuel Dalembert.

Dear RotoRob,

Once again, you are right on.’You’re the man.

I didn’t pull this trade (Allen Iverson and Raymond Felton for Joe Johnson), because I still wanted to see how Iverson plays with Carmelo Anthony (I also have Anthony), and they didn’t disappoint me last night.’Hopefully, this is a new beginning for both of them.’

How about trading Pau Gasol and Rasheed Wallace for Dirk Nowitzki and Mike Miller?’Should I go ahead and pull this one off?

Please advise.



Hey Ace,

Glad to be of service.

So far, so good for AI and ‘Melo. Those two seem driven to make it work.

As for your trade, I have two questions for you: why are you still reading this and can I join your league?

That deal is a slam dunk, dude. Make it happen!

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