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Dear RotoRob: Dream(ing) Weaver

December 9, 2006 | By RotoRob | comment on this post
jered_weaver.jpgGreetings, fellow fantasy freaks. We’re back within another dip into the ol’ bag o’ mail. As always, deadlines sap my ability to respond immediately during the middle of the week, but I try my best to juggle everything.’

This week we start off with Jeff, who’s dreaming of Weaver, as in his chance to land Jered Weaver in a deal.

Dear RotoRob,

I may have a real shot now at Jered Weaver at $5.

What do you think of Justin Verlander at $11 and Kenny Rogers at $6 for Weaver ?


Hi Jeff,

I think that’s an awesome deal for you. Weaver at $5 is a bargain, and while he may have a tough time repeating that ERA, he’s going to be one of the AL’s best pitchers. I love Verlander long term, but have plenty of concerns about him heading into 2007. In fact, I panned him in the 2007 Fantasy Baseball Guide that we just sent to the printer.

Rogers is overpriced there, and overvalued because of his playoff showing, so that’s also a smart move.

Great deal if you can pull the trigger.

Next up, we switch to basketball and Seth is back with another deal he’s mulling.’

Dear RotoRob,

Would you rather have Al Jefferson and Manu Ginobili or Tyson Chandler and Hedo Turkoglu on you team?


Hi Seth,

I like the Chandler/Turkoglu side here more, by a slim margin.

It’s nice getting the best player (Ginobili), and he’s a pretty steady dude who won’t really hurt you in any category, which is always nice. And now that he’s back, he should start rolling soon.

Jefferson has yet to get untracked this year, but he could qualify at centre soon, so if that’s an important consideration for you, then the margin for the second side becomes even less.

Chandler is scoring a bit more this year, but he’s never going to be an offensive weapon — he still looks like he is out to lunch on that end of the floor a lot of the time. But he definitely won’t hurt your FG percentage and he’s the man on the glass of course.

Turkoglu supplies the long distance game, but what’s up with his shooting this year? He also tends to take the occasion bad foul, but that’s not much of factor for our purposes (expect if it affects his PT).

Like I said, it’s close, but go with Chandler and Hedo.

It must be that time of year, because baseball questions are starting to heat up this week. In fact, I just got asked to participate in a mock draft in a couple of weeks. Here, Jan wonders who I would take: Jake or the Fatman (well, Godzilla isn’t really fat, but…)’

Dear RotoRob,

Could you either answer my question or point me in the direction of someone that could answer my off-season fantasy baseball question? I have to select my keepers soon and I need to pick my last keeper. I’m keeping A-Rod, Ryan Howard, Travis Hafner, Johan Santana and Michael Young.

Now I was wondering do I keep Jake Peavy or Hideki Matsui? Peavy would give me great starting pitching, but I don’t have any outfielders and would be filling those spots with second- and third-tier players.


Hi Jan,

I think they are both worthy candidates, but I would lean towards Matsui. Before last season’s injury, he’d been amazingly durable, so I fully expect him to again top .300 with his usual 100 RBI-showing.

Peavy will rebound this season as well, but Matsui is more of a sure bet to be a steady contributor for you in 2007.

Getting back to the hardwood. Wylie (Coyote?) has several possibilities in a trade he’s cooking up.’

Dear RotoRob,

Should I pull a trade where I give up Mike Dunleavy and Danny Granger for T-Mac and Larry Hughes or should I try to pull a straight up Granger for McGrady? Or should I give up Sebastian Telfair with Granger since Delonte West is now starting?

Hi Wylie,

Wow’lots of options on this deal.

I don’t like you giving up both Dunleavy and Granger for McGrady and Hughes, but if you can trim it down and get McGrady, it’s a much better deal.

It’s close, but the percentage numbers are going to hurt you in the bigger deal.
McGrady has been getting shut down of late, with three games in the past five where he’s been held to 14 points or less.

Hughes, of course, has now missed 10 games with the ankle sprain. He’s listed as probable to play Saturday, but man, this guy is just so injury prone, and frankly even before he went down, he wasn’t exactly lighting it up.

Dunleavy and Granger have their risks as well, of course.

Dunleavy was supposed to be the starting PF in Golden State this year, but instead he’s bounced all over the place as Coach Nelson does his usual juggling act. So you never know what will happen. Still, I love the steals he provides.

Granger is also seeing inconsistent PT since he went to the bench, but he’s quite capable of providing a scoring punch off the bench. I love the 3s he’s putting up, but because of his lack of assists, if you can deal him for T-Mac, that would be a nice deal for you. You’ve got to figure once T-Mac shakes the cobwebs free from his concussion, he’ll start scoring more steadily.

If you have to include Telfair that would hurts to an extent but is might still be worth it. (He’s back starting, btw.) You’ll miss his FT percentage, but his 3-point shooting has gone into the tank lately, probably because teams are keying on Boston’s perimeter game.

Still with hoops action, new reader Collier is considering dumping a couple of underperforming players and he’s got plenty of options to choose replacements from, so seeks my sage advice on making his pick.’

Dear RotoRob,

What’s up with Travis Outlaw and Jorge Garbajosa?! They are both killing me this week. Should I drop one, or both for: Martell Webster, Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, Anthony Parker, Delonte West, Sean May, Chris Duhon?

It’s a nine-category head-to-head league. I win assists, steals and blocks every week, but I need FG percentage, 3s, points and rebounds. What do you think?

Thanks for the help.


Hi Collier,

I like Outlaw, but I can see how frustrating it must be to own him. He’s so athletic and is so huge on the blocks, but doesn’t help you enough where you need it. And now he’s back on the bench and getting into foul trouble in two of the last three, which sucks his value. He’s going to get some minutes, and I expect to see improvement going forward, but his inconsistency will drive you nuts.

As for Garbajosa, he’s definitely going to stick in the starting five for now, and after struggling the past two, he came alive again Friday. He’s steady across the board in the areas you need help in, but not spectacular.

Having said that, I’d drop them both.

Forget about Webster. I love him long-term and he would help you in 3s, but his biggest fantasy impact this year has been taking out Larry Hughes.

You should pick up Jefferson. If he gets the centre qualification, it would be even sweeter. Yes, you’ll punt the 3s, but he offers big help in the rest of the categories you need.

Green has phenomenal potential. The Celtics may be including him in a deal if they make another play for Allen Iverson, which would suck, because this kid is going to be one of the most exciting players in the game soon. And his PT will rise, but he doesn’t offer enough rebounding to help you. He’s the best sleeper pick here, though.

Parker is another steady option, and he’ll keep his starting gig too. But he’s kind of weak in rebounding.

West is picking up the scoring lately, but his FG percentage will destroy you. Plus he can’t rebound.

If May is available, grab him! He was huge on Wednesday and check out the last five games: 17 points, 8.4 rebounds per game. He offers no outside game, but helps you big time in the other three cats.

Duhon may also be on the trading block, but his rebounding is non existent and his scoring is weak.

To wrap up this week’s second final edition of Dear RotoRob, long-time reader Larry is back to check out on the D-Mat Conspiracy Theory.’

Dear RotoRob,

Just checking in to follow the progress of the Bosox and Scott Boras in getting Daisuke Matsuzaka signed to a contract. The deadline is Friday the 15th. Is that right?

Thanks for the update.

Larry E.

Hi Larry,

I think the deadline is the 14th, actually, but it’s right at midnight. So essentially, once the 15th arrives, it’s over.

Well, we have expected all along for this to go right down to the wire, so I don’t imagine anything will happen until at least next week.

I know he’ll be making his first visit to Boston next week.

Most people still expect this will get done, but there’s no guarantee.

I will still be shocked if Boston doesn’t close this.

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