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Tips to Gaining the Edge at DFS Leagues

November 12, 2017 | By Marcus Nilson | comment on this post
Daily Fantasy Sports
DFS can be daunting for newcomers. (Gambling Sites)

There have been some major changes in the world of online betting, and Daily Fantasy Sports has managed to progress in the same direction. Nowadays, there are all kinds of sites and a wide variety of sports involved in Daily Fantasy leagues. While it makes it harder for the novice player wishing to understand all the facets of the games at once, there are a few basic principles that could get anyone going for a win.

Bear in mind that these tips are mainly intended for beginners, so those looking for ways to put their unique understanding of NetBet Sport in play odds to use are in for a disappointment. That said, they could still gain some insight from these points, so you shouldn’t disregard them altogether either.

Tip 1: Accept Variety

Daily Fantasy sports has always been about variety – a selection of players, teams, leagues, sites, sports and all kinds of team assets. Hence, it is only expected that it should affirm itself as a valuable factor when trying to gain advantage over your opposing team.

For example, an owner who is generally inclined to set up a strong lineup for every match is not expected to have any inconsistencies regarding the final score. Still, it is possible for them to lose the game or at least end it with a tie, even though it is different from the usual result. This kind of variety is positive and even productive, as it encourages such owners to seek solutions that would overcome it.

Tip 2: Don’t Forget the Oddsmakers

Daily Fantasy owners rarely rely on anything coming from Las Vegas experts, mainly due to their supposedly irresponsible way of life. While the stories and stereotypes may be true, you cannot deny them the fact that they have managed to sustain their business for a long time and through many hardships. Make sure to check the opinion of these oddsmakers once in a while, just to get a feel of their direction. It’s especially valuable when looking at the over/under for games that are expected to be high-scoring affairs.

Tip 3: Set up a Bankroll

This may well be the universal guideline for anyone who has even risked their real money on a certain outcome. Bankrolls separate the rest of your money from those funds you can afford to lose and prevent you from getting into serious financial trouble. With these and many other benefits, bankroll management is definitely a good idea for Daily Fantasy owners.

Tip 4: Use the Modern Perks to Your Advantage

Owners wishing to gain advantage over their opponents are going to need to make use of all the perks at their disposal. This is especially important when it comes to the matter of bonuses, and how to turn them to your benefit. Pay attention to the prize they offer, the conditions attached to them and the reputation of the operator offering them.

Tip 5: Play Low for 50/50s and Head-to Heads Leagues

As already mentioned, DFS leagues vary drastically, as do buy-ins. In this regard, low buy-ins can still bring high rewards, especially in head-to-head matches, so a careful assessment may be worth more than a big wager amount.

Now it’s your turn. Let us know in the comments what techniques you use to gain a competitive advantage playing DFS.

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