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Video Game Review: Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two, Episode 2

August 16, 2017 | By HC Green | comment on this post
Minecraft Story Mode - Season Two, Episode 2
Go home, Admin, you’re drunk!

Please note that since each episode of Minecraft: Story Mode — Season 2 features the same graphics engine and control setup, those elements will not be repeated in our reviews for the final four episodes. To read our thoughts on that, refer to our review of Hero in Residence.

Following a rather plodding debut, Season 2 cranks up the action significantly in Giant Consequences, picking up right where the first one left off as a stone colossus descends on Beacontown spoiling for a fight with Jesse and not the least bit concerned with collateral damage.

As has become a staple of the series, the moment one foe falls, another rises in its place, and to that end we’re (re)introduced to the Admin, who now inhabits a different body but is no less powerful. He’s playing almost a watered down version of The Joker throughout much of the episode, making light of your friends and your attachment to them.

Some of the Admin’s motives come into focus here as well: he believes in power above all else. Thus he sees Jesse as a worthy adversary whose friends, specifically the likes of Lukas and Radar, are his weakness.

And naturally, Jesse disagrees, seeing them as his strength. To test that assertion, the Admin sets up a new test for Jesse and company to tackle, threatening the livelihood of Beacontown to coerce their participation.

While it’s only temporary, it’s enjoyable to have everyone together, and it allows the game to start giving more depth to the newcomers. That includes Stella, whose cluelessness continues to serve as a comedic respite from an otherwise serious affair.

Most of the episode is spent trying to successfully navigate the Admin’s house of horrors, consisting of the usual quick-time events — the shooting gallery being the most interesting but also frustrating given how hard it was to separate friend from foe at that distance. Still, the game is so forgiving that even multiple failures don’t derail your progress.

Giant Consequences also feels like it puts more weighty decisions on your plate than the first episode, which is a good thing. We’re particularly intrigued by a late-game choice involving Stella will lead that relationship moving forward. Things end with the deck being reshuffled again, placing Jesse in a new bind to find his way out of.

OVERALL (3.75/5)

Coming on the heels of a slow-paced opener, Giant Consequences features better action, more meaningful decisions and an interesting cliffhanger leading into Episode 3.

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