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More Boras BS

August 26, 2008 | By RotoRob | comment on this post

Scott Boras is doing his thang again.

The latest pawn in uber agent and asshole supreme Scott Boras’ ongoing power play with Major League Baseball is Pedro Alvarez, the Pirates’ first round pick in June.

The two sides agreed to a $6 million signing bonus (the largest in Pirate history) about a week and a half ago, but because of some apparent travel complications (how do travel complications set you back 11 days? Where are they traveling from? The Gobi desert? On a 58-year-old camel with dementia?), the actual contract hasn’t been signed. So Alvarez has yet to report for either a physical or to be formally introduced to the Pittsburgh media.

And now the Pirates are getting a bit frustrated by the latest Boras drama. The team still has no idea when Alvarez will actually show up, and at this point, there’s not enough time for him to make his pro debut with a minor league affiliate. So, as usual, Boras’ bullshit is hurting his client.

In fact, Bucco GM Neil Huntington intimated as much, saying “The longer the delay, the less likely it is we will send him to either Arizona or Hawaii” (for fall or winter ball).

As for as the legal rights Pittsburgh has to force him to report, while the contract hasn’t physically been signed, there is a verbal agreement and half the bonus has been paid, so for all intents and purposes, Alvarez is now an employee of the Pirates.

Ah yes…nothing like ingratiating yourself to your new boss before your first day of work. Imagine getting hired and taking a dump in your new supervisor’s car before you ever step foot in the office? That would go over well, don’t you think?

Just how many players will Boras transform into fuckfaces before he’s done?

For more on Alvarez’s on field ability, see our MLB Draft Recap.

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10 Responses to “More Boras BS”

  1. Todd says:

    Hasn’t Boras done enough damage to his reputation. The whole A-Rod fiasco last winter showed his true colors – a money grubbing bastard who thinks more of his reputation than of his clients best interest. I’m hoping there is something to the Manny tanking it rumors to get Boras banned. The game would be better off.

  2. RotoRob says:

    Absolutely, Todd. It’s ridiculous when someone who should be in the background of the game is making headlines — for all the wrong reasons.

  3. Mike says:

    Major League Baseball executives had better wake up and realize how badly Scott Boras has damaged their industry. How many people have walked away from Major League Baseball because they see it’s players as entirely about “pay” and not “play”? This crazed extortionist is the modern day Hal Chase and quite likely is the biggest blight on the sport since the 1919 Black Sox scandal.

    Thank you Scott Boras for creating the unfortunate but very real perception amongst sports fans that being a Major League Baseball player is about nothing but maniacal greed and aggressive economic extortion. You are the most embarrassing greed-merchant I have ever seen associated with Major League Baseball, and I resent you for having turned my favorite sport into nothing more than a crazed and hostility-ridden cash sweepstakes.

  4. RotoRob says:

    Well said, Mike. I mean, I have no problem about the agent that feverishly works to get his client the best possible deal, but why does Boras always seem to be front and centre whereas most agents are doing their work in the background? Is he overcompensating for attention he was not given as a child? I’m not a psychiatrist (I just play one on TV), but clearly, there are some deep rooted issues at play here.

  5. […] other matters, as a followup to our article about Pedro Alvarez failing to report to the Pirates, Pittsburgh has now placed its first-round pick on the restricted list as Boras is attempting to […]

  6. Mike says:

    What bothers me the most is that no one with the ability to do so seems to be doing a darned thing to stop or to at least slow down Scott Boras as he single-handedly transforms the culture of Major League Baseball into one of avarice, corruption, entitlement, and shiftlessness.

    Why do we MLB fans tolerate so blithely the fact that this loathsome and greedy attorney has hijacked perhaps the greatest private institution America has ever known, simply because he wanted to turn it into his own personal cash sweepstakes? This man has even turned the MLB draft into a sick joke.

    Scott Boras is the Manchurian Candidate of Major League Baseball. He has taken de facto control of the governance of America’s most beloved industry, an industry steeped in tradition, and has transformed that industry into a coarse, vulgar, and brutish place that will surely not be worth saving once he is through plundering it for every cent he can get.

    Scott Boras’ maniacal and obsessive greed is a powerful and dangerous threat to the viability of Major League Baseball as a commercial enterprise. His reign of terror over the greatest sport ever conceived by man will soon reach into a fourth decade. A fourth decade! How could we have let this happen? What does it say about us that we have?

    Wake up, Major League Baseball executives and MLB fans, and fight back against this dishonest and dishonorable lawyer/industry plunderer before he leaves us with absolutely nothing to continue fighting for.

  7. RotoRob says:

    Come on, Mike — don’t pussyfoot around the topic. Tell us what you REALLY think. 🙂

    I completely understand what you’re saying, but there is a fine line between stopping what Boras is doing and protecting the ability of free-market enterprise to function. Again, I’m not disagreeing with you, but where do we go from here?

    It’s like the union argument. Protecting the rights of the workers from exploitation and unsafe conditions makes sense; holding the company’s ability to turn a profit over a barrel doesn’t serve anyone (except the union heads) in the long run.

    But what’s the solution? How do you propose that MLB execs and fans fight back?

  8. Mike says:

    MLB fans can fight against rotten apples like Scott Boras by boycotting Major League Baseball games (every time you buy a ticket to a Major League Baseball game you are putting money in Scott Boras’ pocket) and participating in anti-Boras letter/e-mail campaigns addressed to major U.S. newspapers, MLB executive offices, and MLB teams. That would be a good start, I think.

    I guess all this begs the question: “Is Mike crazy?” Hey, maybe I am. Let’s not rule it out…I’m nothing if not open-minded. I am sick and tired though of Scott Boras, this pathologically deranged extortionist and disgruntled ex-minor leaguer, using my favorite sport as his own personal punching bag. He has sacked and pillaged the greatest private institution America has ever known, and no one has the guts to do a damned thing about it. If I sound mad as hell, it’s because I am.

  9. RotoRob says:

    Hey Mike,

    Well, yes, boycotting the games would hurt Boras, but really it just hurts the game, and he goes down with it. I thought you had a more nefarious plan that would specifically target Boras. Surely, allowing one ass to ruin your love of the game only gives him more power than he deserves? Why don’t you just call the IRS tipline on him or something?

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