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Product Review: OPOLAR Personal Fan

August 15, 2015 | By HC Green | comment on this post
OPOLAR Personal Fan
Quiet and cool, the OPOLAR does its job nicely.

Although we spend most of our time reviewing software, we’ve been known to branch out into the world of tech with things like streaming devices, headphones, controllers and even mouse pads. Well, this time we’re checking out a computer-related device: the personal fan from OPOLAR.

Designed with space conservation in mind, the fan is small (six-inch frame) and plugs directly into your PC or laptop via a rather lengthy USB cable (it’s nearly four feet long but comes wrapped up, and even that amount of slack was plenty to position it where we wanted by our PC). It has three rubber stoppers that keep the unit firmly in place, and it adjusts up and down.

Both the exterior housing and fan blade are metal, which creates a nice, clean look — we have an HP All-in-One and a small black desk, and the OPOLAR fits perfectly with that kind of streamlined setup. It runs very quietly, which is great, and offers a strong breeze that has made a legitimate difference in the weeks we’ve been testing it this summer.

If you’re looking for drawbacks, two come to mind. There are no adjustable settings for speed, so the unit is either off or on, and there’s no option to oscillate, either. In our time with it we never felt like it needed more power, but there were at least a few occasions where a little less would’ve been nice.


Sleek, quiet and powerful, the OPOLAR personal fan is also an excellent value at less than US$15. If your space is limited or you simply want something high quality and modern, it’s a good buy.

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