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Book Review: Winning Fantasy Baseball

May 16, 2014 | By Josh Johnson | comment on this post
Winning Fantasy Baseball
Larry Schecter’s book is must reading for the serious Fantasy baseball owner.

Are you like most Fantasy baseball owners? Do you buy those magazines early on and then chop and decipher your draft strategy? What exactly do those print media items give to you? You probably appreciate having them at your disposal during your draft and it’s always nice to know who is on or off the 40-man roster.

Now, depending upon your success rate, you are probably always tweaking your draft strategy — maybe even during the draft. While we realize every draft is different, we must emphasize that a strategy should be comprehensive and you should remain loyal to it.

But, you ask, who has time to develop such an elaborate scheme? Larry Schechter, that’s who.

In his book Winning Fantasy Baseball, Schechter opens up his mind to the Fantasy sports world. We first talked to him in a mid-March Podcast, prior to having finished reading the book. Now, we offer up our full opinion of the publication.

This book is the most unbelievable scroll of extensive research and practical theories you will ever find or need. It is at its heart a Fantasy baseball strategy guide, but because of the depth that Schechter has provided most of the strategies can be translated to other Fantasy sports.

The key point to remember is that Schechter is an experienced, nine-time national champion. Winning Fantasy Baseball is a result of knowledge gained through years of practice.

Whether you are Fantasy beginner, veteran or a highly successful player, Winning Fantasy Baseball is an essential read. Upon first glance you will probably open to the chapter that most fits your preferred style of play. While reading a book like this, that approach should not be discouraged, but enhancing your overall strategic perspective is also recommended. You may find yourself reading a paragraph and thinking you already know this stuff, and then, boom! Schechter lays down a line that totally twists everything you thought you knew. 

It’s all about value, Schechter preaches. You need to have a specific player value sheet based on projections. Don’t be confused by the statement. He will show you how to make your own, but also encourages you to mix and match your projections against those of your favourite website.

As Fantasy players we either develop or believe in many myths. Basically, this book is likely to debunk any myth or theory you are currently exploring. Literally, nothing is safe. Schechter is always up for a challenging debate and he will not win it merely by speaking louder than you. He will map it out and whether it proves a theory wrong or right, he has the knowledge to pick things apart.

Auction junkies will be floored by Schechter’s attention to detail in players values. It may seem simplistic, but how many national Fantasy championships have you won? Value is the key to everything and Schechter will open every thread in your head until you believe so. You auction folks in keepers leagues probably already have a good understanding of value. But, just imagine if you were even more ahead of the game. Picture this: your calculated values are more correct than any projections before the season starts. Yes, Winning Fantasy Baseball will help you obtain this information and leave your rivals dripping in rotisserie grease.

For you snake drafters, Schechter has an amazingly poignant chapter. Existential is a strong word but as you read this chapter you will have a guiding light and voice on the outside. When the chapter is complete you will emerge with a capable plan of attack and no rampart will be needed. Schechter has somehow figured out how to maximize player value no matter your draft position.

Some of you may also enjoy living in the salary cap realm of the Fantasy society. Don’t worry, Schechter didn’t forget you. He breaks this game down with such simplicity that a third-grader would forget his favourite players and just absorb the numbers for their holistic value.

Schechter also realizes that crafting a draft plan is only part of the battle. That’s why there is a section in Winning Fantasy Baseball that’s fully devoted to in-season management.

Here you will find advanced trade analysis-based trends, such as ballpark factors and batting order position. Schechter also explains how it’s okay to sacrifice value if it adds to your team’s balance. This is especially important in Roto formats because it doesn’t matter how much you win a category by, just as long as you win it.

Winning Fantasy Baseball will be a fixture on Fantasy owners’ bedside tables for years to come. It’s a technical reference guide written by a true technician. So-called Fantasy gurus are already bowing down and praising Schechter’s work.

Now it’s your turn. Let us know in the comments below what you thought about Winning Fantasy Baseball.

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