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Dear RotoRob: Trading Troy

May 29, 2007 | By James Morris | comment on this post
Troy Glaus has started well, but if you can get a top pitcher for him, do it.
Despite his dainty handshakes, parting with Troy Glaus, left, for a stud starting pitcher is a great idea.


Hey Rob, I need your advice again. My lineup is:

C — Ivan Rodriguez
1B ‘ Ryan Garko
2B ‘ Jose Vidro
SS ‘ Jimmy Rollins
3B — Miguel Cabrera
OF ‘ Jason Bay
OF ‘ Pat Burrell
OF ‘ Hideki Matsui
OF ‘ Alfonso Soriano
OF ‘ Hunter Pence
DH ‘ David Wright
DH ‘ Edgar Renteria
DH ‘ Jhonny Peralta/Troy Glaus/J.J. Hardy
P ‘ Jose Contreras
P ‘ Cole Hamels
P — Zambrano
P — Shields
P ‘ Roger Clemens
P ‘ Jeremy Bonderman
P — Weaver
P ‘ Matt Cain
P — J. Weaver
P — Mo Rivera
P ‘ Rafael Soriano
P ‘ Jose Valverde

I have been offered Justin Verlander or Bartolo Colon for Glaus.’Which one do you think I should go for and’do you think it’s a good deal for me? Or do you think I should look to move Rollins to upgrade first base or my OF?




This one is kind of simple. I’d take Verlander for Glaus. You are kind of stacked at 3B and DH, so Glaus is expendable. He came out of the gates straight up raking this season, but I don’t trust him, to be honest. I expect those Ks to keep rising and that BA to keep slipping. I really do like Verlander as a pitcher, so moving a guy I don’t trust for someone I’ve had my eye on makes this situation a sure thing.

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