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NFL Draft Recap: Ted Ginn Jr.

May 22, 2007 | By Andy Goldstein | comment on this post
Former Ohio St. Buckeye wide receiver Tedd Ginn, Jr. is all about the speed, baby.
Former Buckeye Tedd Ginn, Jr. brings his blazing speed to Miami.

Welcome to another edition of the 2007 NFL Draft Recap! Thank you, thank you, you can gradually end the standing ovation.


This happens to be a very special draft profile. Ted Ginn, Jr. was drafted number ninth overall by the Miami Dolphins and I was actually able to sit down and talk to him about his NFL experiences so far.*

Andy Goldstein: Welcome, Mr. Ginn. Thanks for taking the time away from your adoring fans in Miami to talk to

Ted Ginn, Jr: (Laughs…Cries a little)

AG: Uh, anyway, all fantasy owners need to know, how’s the Lis Franc injury doing? The one you suffered while celebrating your Bowl Game touchdown return?

TGJ: Foot’s good, foot’s good.

AG: So you’ll be 100 per cent by the start of the season?

TGJ: Hell no.

AG: Ah, well, when you are healthy enough to go at full speed, you will be fighting for the top wideout spot, right?

TGJ: Nah, that’s Chris’ job. I’m here to return kicks and catch some balls.

AG: Okay, well, let’s talk long-term then. Why should the average dynasty owner keep an eye on you?

TGJ: It’s all about the speed, baby.

AG: Right, it’s world-class then?

TGJ: Just see for yourself.

AG: That’s pretty good. Okay, so you have great speed. How about your hands?

TGJ: Did I mention my quicks?

AG: Uh, yeah. And your route running?

TGJ: Speeed.

AG: What are your thoughts on the quarterback situation in Miami?

TGJ: C-Pep is the man. Well, at least he was when Randy Moss was catching his jump balls.

AG: It sounds like he might not be with the team come Week One.

TGJ: Oh, &$%@!. You guys know about that? We got Cleo Lemon.

AG: I see. What are your thoughts on Brady Quinn?

TGJ: I don’t get the big deal. If they took him instead of me, then he wouldn’t have an average third passing option.

AG: I suppose that’s true.

TGJ: Damn straight.

AG: Right. Well, it sounds like you’ll be a slow starter who, after a few seasons, might be a third or, perhaps, weak second fantasy option for a couple years before you finally lose the insane speed and go back to being ‘not-Brady-Quinn.’

TGJ: I think you forgot the Peter Warrick comparison.

AG: Well, I was trying to be nice.

TGJ: Oh, thanks.

* Or, maybe I imagined this whole thing.

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2 Responses to “NFL Draft Recap: Ted Ginn Jr.”

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  2. austin jones says:

    tedd ginn is amazing and i like this little conversation its fly