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MLB Opening Day: Mid-Day Games Blog

April 2, 2007 | By Andy Goldstein | comment on this post

Early game blog is here.

But why think about the past when the present is much more interesting? Here’s the games we’ll be talking about.

Boston at Kansas City – Oh, that’s just Gil being Gil.
Arizona at Colorado – I really don’t have anything witty to say about this game. So…umm, hi mom!

Live blogging occurs……after the jump!

4:35 – BJ Ryan does get the save despite giving up a hit and a walk. Meanwhile, the Brewers easily and quietly dispatch of the Dodgers. Did that game really happen? Who is RR’s Milwaukee correspondent? What? We don’t have one? Well, shoot.

4:45 – Schilling walks in a run and Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell goes out and talks to him. Shouldn’t there be a rule that once you pitch in the majors long enough, you can just call a timeout and not have to listen to a pitching coach talk gibberish at you? The MLB Rules Committee needs to hear my thoughts.

5:02 – In a baseball town known for high scores, the Colorado game is going about as expected. The Rockies got ahead 2-1 after the first thanks to a Brad Hawpe single, but the D-Backs have come back with a Chad Tracy RBI single in the top of the third.

5:06 – The Royals are clearly in line for the World Series this year. (Yes, I’ve changed my pick a few times already today.) Mark Grudz…Grudza…well…Mark G-Dog getting it done with an RBI single and the Royals have a 2-1 lead.

5:29 – Arizona is starting to run away from the Rockies as Scott Hairston kocks in a couple. It’s now 5-2 in the 4th. Ho-hum.

5:37 – G-Dog does it again and the Red Sox are in a bit of trouble. It’s 5-1 Royals in 4th, and even Joe Morgan is at a loss for words.

5:37 – Chris Iannetta, whose wikipedia page says his favorite player growing up was Alex Rodriguez, hits a two-run single and now the Rockies have evened up their game against the D-Backs at five. Also, the Rockies have won their opening day games the last two years with walk off homers, so there’s that to consider.

5:59 – I like it better when seven games are going on at once. Anyway, Gil Meche is unhittable and Brandon Webb has an ERA of nine. That’s exactly what we expected.

6:08 – Joe Morgan is wasted.

6:09 – Ok, probably not, but he did just say “Buck O’Neil” 16 times in one minute.

6:21 – Jeff Baker must not understand that the Rockies need to hit a walk-off home run to win their game today. He scorched one over the centerfield wall three innings too early. Rockies lead 6-5. Booo.

7:01 – Yes! Arizona is playing along. Three runs in the Top of the 9th and the chance for a walk-off home run remains!

7:14 – Bottom of the ninth and the Rockies are down by two. Each of the last two years, Colorado has won its opening day game with a walk-off homer. Fate dictates what must happen.

7:27 – Ok, this isn’t going as planned. Stupid fate.

7:28 – Valverde strikes out the side and that’s the ballgame. It’s also the end of live blogging opening day here at RotoRob. Twas fun, we’ll see you next time.

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