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The Wire Troll: Are you Bi?

November 2, 2007 | By James Morris | comment on this post

Now that I got your attention, get your mind out of the gutter. I was talking about playing two different fantasy sports at the same time. You see, people like me find themselves with both NBA and NFL teams this time of year. Week Nine of the NFL season really does mean that there is little to nothing out there on the waiver wire. So, what I am going to do is start transitioning into the NBA from here on out. So, let’s get it on!

Okay, I have had enough of Rafer Alston already and have decided to move on to…

Damien Wilkins: Wilkins is young and should work well with “The Future”, Mr. Kevin Durant. So far this season, Wilkins has been hitting the threes, scoring the points, and chipping in on the boards for his fantasy owners. You may be a little surprised if you take a look at his stats, so don’t dismiss him too quickly. Not to say you need to cut someone who is doing okay for him, but Alston got the axe from me.

Ronnie Brewer: The Jazz have looked very good early on, but lost a hard one to Houston on Thursday night. The guy nobody knew about going into the draft was Brewer, and I must say he has got the job done early on for points. The only problem I see is that they are empty points. Sure, he has seven steals early on, but only three rebounds and four assists make me worry about him holding onto his starting job should he fail to score in a few games. He is a fine pickup if you need bench depth, but starting him now is too risky because he doesn’t get you anything outside of points from night to night.

Mike James: Yes, Alston is the starter, but read above and read below and you will see why I think Alston is going to lose his job to James. I would pick James up now and stash him on the bench until the job is changed over officially.

After that it gets a little muddy. There are still teams who have not played yet and some teams are still sorting out their starting lineups. I normally like to give it at least two weeks before I make any NBA or MLB adds/drops, but Alston has shown me he is worthless right now and just about anyone else is better. How does your team score 106 points on Friday night and you, as the starting PG, only net one assist? Tracy McGrady had 47 points, you couldn’t mix in a pass when you saw him driving? At least kick at the ball as it goes by there, Skip to My Lou. Maybe it will deflect and you can get a garbage assist or something!

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