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RotoWidow: A Month for Sports Fanatics

October 1, 2006 | By RotoWidow | comment on this post

From the RotoWidow files…
Happy October 1st! I’ve always been fond of fall — the changing colours of leaves, the crisp cool air and, of course, the non-stop sports. October is the most exciting month for sports fans. What could possibly make one happier than post-season baseball, football, and pre-season hockey and basketball? It’s a sports smorgasbord. However, with all this sports watching, the Fantasy sports manager has to employ some time-management tricks. It’s no fun playing roto if you can’t keep up with your teams. So I’d like to share with you my top three tips for staying sane this October.

1. Take some time each Saturday morning (when the TV Guide arrives) to plan which sports you’re going to watch during the week. This is essential so that you can ensure you have enough cheese doodles, licorice and beer on hand to prevent crazed half-time trips to the store. You know the ones where you are bowling people over in the aisles trying to find your favourite snacks ‘ all while knowing you have just 15 minutes before the second half starts?

2. If you’re a player in multiple fantasy pools, try to designate specific days of the week (or at least times during the day) when you will research and make changes, decisions, etc., to just one fantasy team. I know it’s overwhelming trying to take in information on all four sports and keep up with all of the excitement, so you need structure if you’re going to be an effective fantasy sports enthusiast.

3. Whenever possible, schedule family and friend events that correlate with your sports mindset. The kids will think that a night of bowling with mom and dad is great fun and mom will be happy that you are taking time to connect with the family. But there are always TVs and satellites in places like bowling alleys so you can keep up with the game while you ensure your social and family life doesn’t go down the drain! Spouse nagging you to go out for dinner? No problem. There’s a great new restaurant (read: sports bar) that just opened that you hear has the best chicken wings in town.

Remember, October is the most fun month of the year, and with some thoughtful planning and preparation you’ll be sure to enjoy it and not miss out on all its sports.

Now, a quick update on how I’m doing in the Fantasy Fashion League. Well, they don’t show the full list of teams to compare scores ‘ just the top 10, and based on those top 10 scores, unless something screwy happens to the point tracking system to cause my score to grow exponentially, I’m down near the bottom, completely sucking. Speaking of exponents, there is a good reason why I suck so bad. Now, being a journalism major and creative-type, I hate math just about as much as Republicans hate Michael Moore. But for once in my life I’m missing statistics. In fashion, unlike in sports, there are no stats to analyze or compare to help determine which players are best for your team. Teams are pretty much formed on gut instinct. So the lack of stats is my excuse. (I really am fashionable ‘ I swear!)

Happy October to all!

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