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Fantasy Fashion League Update: Locked and Loaded

September 10, 2006 | By RotoWidow | comment on this post

RotoWidow discusses the Fashion Fantasy LeagueFrom the RotoWidow files…

I’m sucking in the Fantasy Fashion League. The league leader has nearly double the amount of points that I’ve earned. Who knew the effort and time commitment that would be involved in setting a daily lineup of fashion designers and celebrities? I just don’t care that much, I guess. Perhaps after watching the stress that RotoRob goes through in setting his final, locked roster for the season, I subconsciously try to avoid similar situations.

I did have a brief crazy moment one night last week just before the monthly scores for magazine coverage were doled out. I ran like a mad woman for my copies of Vogue and In Style and carefully perused the point-earning columns, making notes of the designers and celebrities with the most coverage. It paid off as the next day I earned more points than I had tallied all season, but I just don’t get that excited about research and deciding on my locked lineup each night.

The fashion league allows you to make daily changes and locks your roster each night at midnight to be used for the next day’s scoring. And just like I always think it’s crazy when RotoRob says he can’t go to a movie or needs to get home early to check the scores, I’m not passionate enough about fantasy life to ditch my real, daily life. Perhaps that’s the cautionary tale about roto – particularly if there’s money and gambling involved – that it should be a fun hobby not an all-consuming vice.

So that’s my public service announcement for the week. And no, I’m not just sore because I’m not winning. I’m betting that Donna Karan will earn big points for me at New York Fashion Week.

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