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Vaney Hariri

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Vaney Hariri originally hails from Buffalo N.Y., and is now a resident of South Dakota. He has lived a tortured sports life, for he’s a fan of the Bills, the Knicks, and the Syracuse football program, so phrases like “wide right” haunt his dreams.

To escape, he now lives in a state that has no professional sports teams at all.

Vaney does, however, root for a few teams that win, such as the New York Yankees and the Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team. Being a fan of teams like the Bills or the Yankees will open you up to plenty of ridicule, so he has been trained in the arts of arguing sports, Top Five lists, Monday morning quarterbacking, and criticizing referees.

He has also learned some hard lessons in his 15 years of playing Fantasy football and he plans on sharing the knowledge he’s accrued with all of’s readers.

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