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Making a Grand Exit

July 14, 2006 | by RotoRob | Comments (0)
Nothing says lovable loser like a Cubs Casket
Of course the Cubs will win the World Series before you die, Grandpa… oops, never mind. (

Hey, baseball fans: When the time comes for you to shed this mortal coil, why not do it in style?

Thanks to Eternal Image Inc., baseball fanatics will soon be able to proudly trumpet love of their favourite team as they cross over to the other side.

A new licensing agreement with Major League Baseball authorizes Eternal Image to reproduce the names and logos of all 30 MLB teams on a new line of caskets and urns, scheduled for release next year.

Depending on your favourite team, we’re not sure you’ll be making the right statement about where you want to spend eternity, however.

Showing up at the Pearly Gates all decked out in a Devil Rays casket, for instance, might not go over well with St. Peter, even if the team, for all intents and purposes, plays in St. Petersburg.

Now, of course, fans of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, or whatever the hell… oops… we mean, whatever on earth they go by these days, will be given VIP treatment, no doubt. Especially, one would assume, if they manage to snuff out the Rally Monkey and bring him along for the journey.

So, baseball devotees, when you’re ready for a dirt nap, don’t you want to be ensconced in your team’s colours?

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