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Product Review: Kingston HyperX Cloud Mix Wired+Bluetooth Gaming Headset

May 1, 2020 | by Anakin Starns | Comments Comments Off on Product Review: Kingston HyperX Cloud Mix Wired+Bluetooth Gaming Headset
The Kingston Hyper X CloudMix headphones rock.
The frame on these headphones is top quality.

The HyperX Cloud Mix is a premium set of “gaming” headphones, available on Applegear. Advertised as gaming headphones, the HyperX Cloud Mix’s strengths lie in its versatility and convenience, and given its Bluetooth support, it doesn’t need to be solely used while seated at your desk or on your couch.


Setting up a headset is as simple as it has ever been, and the Cloud Mix uses a braided 3.5mm cable that simply plugs into any 3.5mm cable ports found on PCs, MACs, PS4 controllers, cell phones, the Nintendo Switch and even some VR systems, with the only downside being the lack of a USB adapter which will be required for use on an Xbox One controller. In the box you will also receive a two-metre 3.5mm PC extension cable which will allow more convenience for certain PC setups, even going as far as leaving too much slack on the cable. Therefore, we recommend leaving the twist tie on and only using as much cable as you need.

Once your headset is plugged in, it is ready for use with no software setup required. Setting up Bluetooth is more complicated than simply plug and play, but is quite intuitive — especially given the configuration buttons on the headset itself. It’s as simple as charging the headset, turning it on, turning on the Bluetooth function on your phone and pressing pair, so you can also use this set to make phone calls or simply to listen to music on the go.


The quality of the frame is apparent from the moment you open the box, and is nothing but reassured after your first extended session wearing these headphones. The lightweight aluminum frame is sturdy enough that you won’t feel like you’re going to break it just trying to find the setting that fits your head or even when slamming them off onto your desk after dying the third time in a row in Call of Duty, but is also light enough that you won’t feel any pressure on your neck like your head is being forced down by them even wearing them for 12 straight hours.

The Cloud Mix sports a round over ear model so you won’t feel much (if any) pressure squeezing your ears into your head, and it fits snug enough that it won’t be pressing down on your ears or giving you pressure headaches after extended use. We did, however, find it to be a little too tight while wearing a beanie for several hours with the set, but if you aren’t using it for hours on end you may not notice any difference.

The leather for the headphone cushions allows for a perfect fit to your head, and is malleable enough that wearing glasses with them wont force them into an uncomfortable position, which can be a big issue for over ear headphones that lack in cushion. Convenience is the biggest pro for this set of headphones, as not only is it a fully capable as a wired set of headphones with a sound cancelling boom mic, it is also a fully capable set of wireless headphones for everyday use.

The microphone can simply be unplugged when you aren’t using it, but when you’re out and about the built-in Bluetooth microphone is ideal and the unit has button for answering calls, and controlling volume, as well as a status LED that will let you know when they need to be charged. Finally, other than the large HyperX logos on each earphone, the design is not stereotypical of “gaming” headphones, and with the product offered in simple black with white, or white with rose gold trimmings, it’s subtle enough to look like everyday headphones.


Strong over ear design is not only better for your ear health, but also much better for your audio experience quality. If, like us, you’re a fan of heavy bass, then you may find them lagging behind a little, but as far as listening to music in general, this set still hits the benchmark for a premium pair of headphones. The true excellence lies in its audio for gaming, whether you’re playing a more story-driven, single player RPG, or a competitive shooter like Counter Strike, you will hear more than you would with a lower quality pair of headphones.

With a little configuration of some sound settings in game (or on your sound card if you’re on PC), story-based games become immersive worlds in which NPCs sound like they are all around you, and having conversations and ambient sounds mixed combined with music crafts an unmatched experience. The depth of sounds is surreal. For instance, when playing a competitive shooter like Valorant, hearing footsteps is a deciding factor in every round, and the ability to not only hear footsteps clearly, but also the subtlety of exactly where they are coming from is the difference from believing enemies are down the hall or immediately around the corner.

At no point have we had any static or sound issues aside from slight complications getting applications to detect and default to the headphones the first time we tried to use them. Using the set for voice chat is also great, as the in-game audio and from your comms feel separate, allowing for clear communication while still having the ability to hear everything going on in your game. Further, we discovered no issues with volume bleeding over from the headset into the microphone — meaning no echoes.


The HyperX is less a pair of “gaming” headphones and more a pair of everyday use headphones with the ability to be plugged into your console or PCc for upscaled quality. Given its ability to conveniently be used on nearly any platform plus the built-in Bluetooth, this set is really a one-size-fits-all solution to your headphone needs.

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