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Meet Our Mofos

Alex Hardin

Alex Hardin has been playing fantasy sports for over 10 years. As a graduate of the University of Maryland and a D.C. area native, he enjoys rooting for his Terps, Redskins, Capitals, Wizards, and Nationals. He now lives in North Carolina, but still represents the Terps.

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Andy Goldstein

Andy is a Fantasy football freak, which means that he us trying to figure out the sleepers for the following season the second the Super Bowl finishes. If he wasn’t a Fantasy football writer, he’d want to open up a candy store called Andies Candies…spelled just like that.

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Chris Wassel

Chris is quite possibly one of the craziest bloggers out there. His goal is to bring Fantasy hockey to a level that the regular fan can understand. He has worked on his site, The Program (The NHL Arena Program), for the past two years. The best way to describe Chris is brash, in your face, and not afraid to express his opinion.

Daniel Olson

Daniel is a 21-year-old from Olympia, Washington and attending Washington State University. He was a professional “intramural” athlete, if such thing is possible, until a car wreck derailed his illustrious career. Daniel still enjoys playing basketball, softball, football, golf, tennis, and whatever game he can play and not look too ridiculous participating in. But his main hobby is following and covering sports.

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Derek Jones

Derek hails from Somerdale, New Jersey. Perhaps his greatest claim to fame is that he knows Andy Goldstein. He considers himself a Fantasy football enthusiast. Hence, he lives passionately for the NFL and all that it offers. In his spare time, Derek enjoys listening to music, reading good books and pondering how Rocky Balboa can land 76 consecutive punches against the awe-inspiring Clubber Lang (watching copious amounts of football makes you insane).

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Herija Green

An Olympic gymnast, Herija was contracted by the United States government to infiltrate the sovereign nation of Parmistan and compete in the deadly “game” – a contest of endurance wherein anyone who survives is granted one wish. Green underwent months of intense training to prepare for his mission, successfully combining the skill of gymnastics and the kill of karate to emerge victorious. He also writes.

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James Morris

James, of Rio Rancho, NM, has been playing Fantasy sports for a decade, and participates in around 45 leagues total, ranging from Diamond Mind Baseball Simulation leagues, Yahoo,, and leagues. He writes the Dear RotoRob and The Wire Troll columns for and writes the Fantasy sports section for the both the Indiana Pacers and the Utah Jazz of the NBA.

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Jordan Frank

Jordan Frank is a 29-year-old lifelong Chicagoan who started playing Fantasy sports at the tender age of 10 when he began running his father’s Fantasy football league. Ever since, Jordan has enjoyed enormous success playing Fantasy football, baseball and basketball in multiple formats. Recently, he has begun contributing to the National Lampoon Sports Blog and is currently constructing his own site to provide unique Fantasy sports analysis.

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Matt Wilson

Matt Wilson has always been a sports fan. Like every little kid, he grew up thinking that he could be a professional athlete. Somewhere along the way, he realized he did not have the physical gifts required to play these sports and he would be better off just discussing sports with others. Now he jumps at the opportunity to talk sports, especially fantasy sports, with a specialty in baseball and football.

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Mike Chen

Mike is the owner of many, many useless facts about hockey and music. This is good for Fantasy hockey purposes (so much so that he was a senior Fantasy hockey guru at Fantasy Sports Junkies before they went belly up), hockey video game trades, showing indie credibility when discussing music with hipsters, and annoying non-music friends with random Morrissey quotes. Oh yeah, he’s also a writer.

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Steven Ovadia

Steven writes, which has been talking hockey since 2002. He’s written for New York Sports Express and reviewed bad music for myriad of alt-weeklies across the U.S. He lives in Queens, NY.
• Favourite current NHLer: Jarome Iginla
• Favourite past NHLer: Bobby Orr
• Favourite hockey movie: (tie) Slap Shot/Mystery, Alaska
• Least favourite hockey movie: (tie) The Cutting Edge/MVP: Most Valuable Primate
• Favourite NHL uniform: Detroit Red Wings

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Tim McLeod

Tim started playing rotisserie baseball in the early ’90s in an AL-only big money league. He’s had a hell of a run in this league with three first-place finishes and three second-place showings over a 10-year span. Tim began following Japanese ball to boost his chances in his auction league and what was once a hobby became a passion. Tim was the 2006 winner in both Rotoman’s Regulars and Regulars Keeper leagues.

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Todd Habiger

Todd is a Fantasy legend in his own mind. He started playing Fantasy baseball over 20 years ago and helped run his first league armed with a calculator and a USA Today. He’s played in points, H2H and simulation leagues, but still prefers the challenge of the 5×5 league. Todd has a degree in journalism from the University of Kansas and worked as a reporter for two years before becoming a designer.

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