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Key FanDuel NFL Strategies That’ll Make You a Winner

July 15, 2017 | By Rik Jones | comment on this post
Key FanDuel NFL Strategies
The right approach playing Daily Fantasy football on FanDuel can pay off.

By Rik Jones

Daily Fantasy football, like what you find on FanDuel, offers something exciting for the avid NFL enthusiast, and unlike in other Fantasy leagues, the changes can happen daily, not just weekly. Having the right approach will maximize your chances of winning — if not every week, at least far more often than when you first begin.

Keep in mind that this guide is for beginners. If you’re more experienced with FanDuel, then you may do well with some other guides specifically designed for people of your background.

How to Get Started

First, when you step into the world (or realm) of Fantasy football, you need to find a good, reliable place to play such as FanDuel.

What every new FanDuel player should do is develop a strong understanding about the aspects of the game that are unique to this particular format. Other Fantasy football leagues have different scoring, different pricing for players, and different rules to follow, but at the end of the day, your goal is to use your specified budget to build your NFL roster.

In short, you’ll be fielding:

  • One quarterback;
  • Two running backs;
  • Three wide receivers;
  • One tight end;
  • One defensive player; and
  • One kicker.

Don’t Put All Your Money into High Valued Players

One of the most common mistakes beginner FanDuel players make is trying to acquire the top tier quarterback that will essentially leave them with bottom of the barrel players at other positions.

In other words, if you focus on an elite quarterback and have little left for your other positions, it’s going to be difficult to accumulate points. Bear in mind that FanDuel doesn’t award points the same way as other leagues.

Passing touchdowns receive four points, whereas it may be six points in other leagues. Passing yards earn 0.04 points per, which may be less than in other leagues. This basically reduces the inherent value of a high profile quarterback and puts more emphasis on other position players, including long range field goal kickers.

The Best FanDuel Strategy

It’s okay to grab a high profile player, but the best strategy to employ would be to draft a great high profile QB and low end defensive, tight ends, and wide receivers for affordability. Also consider a good long range field goal kicker because in FanDuel, you’ll be able to capitalize on extra points for 41-49 yard field goals and those over 50 yards.

Happy playing and have fun!

Now it’s your turn. Let us know in the comments below what strategies you employ when playing Daily Fantasy football on FanDuel.

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