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Squeeze Play: Mr. T Starter’s Kit

March 3, 2008 | By RotoRob | comment on this post
Hey, the bling says it all.
Floyd Mayweather has some seriously fine taste in bling. (

Wrestler Floyd Mayweather celebrated his 31st birthday in style last week, taking Vegas by storm with both a lovely hottie on his arm (R&B singer Keisha Cole) and some serious accessories.

Round his neck, ‘Pretty Boy’ was sporting a huge-ass pendant that said “Philthy Rich.” The necklace, capable of being seen from space, was gaudy enough to make Mr. T blush.

As if that wasn’t enough, Mayweather was spotted walking around with fistfuls of cash. Who even uses bills anymore? Hello? Cash Card?

Plastic Passion

If you’re a stargazer, you have to check out this web site I came across recently. Have you ever wondered which celebrities are having cosmetic work done? Who’s getting their B cups augmented? Who’s attending the Botox Bash?

Check out for the real scoop. Unfortunately, the site is set up in such a manner that I can’t steer you to any particular articles, but on the home page currently is a fascinating comparison of Eva Longoria from five years ago to more recent images, where it appears that she is all Botoxed-up. The evidence is pretty overwhelming. Damn, maybe they ought to extend all those athlete drug tests to their wives.

Word to the wise: Make sure you don’t check it out before you have lunch. Come to think of it, viewing this right after eating isn’t such a good idea either.

Not Singing the Marriage Tune

Rest easy, ladies. It appears Enrique Iglesias will remain eligible to an extent as he is not ready to marry long-time girlfriend, “tennis” goddess Anna Kournikova.

The pop star, who recently set a new record for Latin artists with his 18th No. 1 hit on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs list (what? More than Jose Feliciano?), says that marriage “is a big responsibility.”

No kidding. No wonder you’re such a role model.

“I’m a bit neurotic,” Iglesias said. “But I feel lucky. Anna is a great girl and we complement each other very well.”

Possible translation: ‘I have abhorrent, deeply-rooted sexual issues that manifest themselves in extreme fetish behaviour, but she is a wild tart and is up for anything.’ Or something like that.

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